District 15 of Area 39 - Western Area of Missouri
District 15 of Area 39
           The Western Area of Missouri
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Welcome to AA District 15 in Western Missouri.... Open "List of All Meetings" above, you will find folks in your neighborhood
  A district is a geographical area which holds several groups - in metropolitan districts, the number is generally 15 to 20 groups. (from the AA service manual)

District 15 of the Western Area of Missouri includes the counties of Douglas, Dallas, Wright, Webster, Ozark, Texas, Laclede and Howell.

Representatives from each group meet every three months to exchange news about their groups, solutions about any group problems, information about how to contribute to each group's growth and well being.

Along with the Group Service Representative, AA members who are interested in working in specific areas, such as with correctional facilities, or perhaps radio stations, also meet to exchange ideas and coordinate efforts to better carry the message of AA. These people form the service committees of the district. Each committee has a chairperson who meets quarterly, with the chairpersons for the same committees from other districts, in the Western Area of Missouri to further extend the hand of AA.

Check out the Calendar for the time and location of the next district meeting. Please join us, and bring a fellow member.

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